Full name

Henry Shawcross


Canberra, Australia


I love to express my delight in vintage bitmap graphics with my designs.

I taught myself how to use an Apple Macintosh Plus at the age of ten and I've never lost my love for the 1980s Mac interface and its graphics, simple yet full of character. I've been knitting just as long, but only in recent years as I explored colourwork did I realise that bitmap graphics make great fair isle designs.

My childhood love of computing and research led me to graduate with two degrees in computer science and history, and I'm rapt to have found a venture that uses all of my education and years of knitting experience. I am also concerned with the environmental impact and sustainability of my craft, so I use local or recycled materials where possible.

Most recently I have returned to study to further explore my interest in design, illustration, and textiles.


BA (Hons) in History

University of Western Australia

Perth, Australia · 1998 – 2002

B Comp Sci in Computer Science, Software Engineering

Edith Cowan University

Perth, Australia · 2007 – 2010

B Design/B Visual Arts

Australian National University

Canberra, Australia · 2019 – Present


hand knitting, knitted colourwork design, product design, product branding, illustration